The disorders within the scope of autism spectrum are not similar except for their key features, for that reason individual protocols are very significant. The license of the Compensation – Activation® Protocol, which forms the basis of language acquisition, in Turkey as well as in European countries (according to the Madrid protocol) belongs to İLO International.

The applications are conducted by contracted institutions and experts. The Compensation – Activation® Protocol is supported by “Advanced Sensory Integration” and “Occupational Therapy”.

The most significant component of the Compensation – Activation® Protocol is the medical follow-up mechanism conducted by the collaboration of İLO International’s expert consultant team with other healthcare providers.

In this sense, İLO International is considered to be the hub which information is collected, evaluated and additional guidance is given.

Thereby, the consultancy given to families through consultant physicians and consultant institutions by İLO International allows families to have knowledge about biomedical supports, including different stimulation techniques and education protocols which form other components of the protocol. This approach also facilitates families’ participation in the process. Consequently, families will be available to conduct and direct those practices which are individually adjusted considering their children’s condition.

Throughout the process, families should assume the leading and definite role, instead of remaining in participative and supportive position only. The quality time families spend with their child should be arranged as much as the time every normal child needs to have, happy moments should be shared, education and training should be spread into the norms of daily life, each event participated should become a way of life and finally a parents – child relation along with a healthy authority should be established.