In contrast to previous studies, autism has a chance to be overcome if it is diagnosed and treated between 0-4 ages. “For autism, there is no other way but education”, a current opinion going on for decades, indeed, is a part of old fashioned understanding that considers psychiatric-psychological disorders as behavioral-emotional issues. It is not possible to consider that psychiatric disorders are independently separated from their neurological-neurophysiologic or neurobiological substructures, biochemical changes, or other general pathologies of human body. Once again, the advancing pharmacology in autism and remarkably effective neuroprotective (protecting nerve cells) and neurotropic (regenerating nerve cells) medicines that are used frequently for all neurodegenerative illnesses indicate that “just education” is up in the air. DSM-V and ICD-10, worldwide known diagnostic criteria in medicine, describe autism within the scope of neurodevelopmental disorders. Thus, the neurological background has come into the forefront recently.

Our brain, with 100 billion neural capacities, approximately 100 trillion axons and dendrites, 50 trillion synaptic networks, has a daily processing capacity equivalent to 52 billion bites. With such a capacity, the basis of the Compensation – Activation® Protocol is based on the compensation of unused brain regions by other brain regions and the activation of inactive regions through the plasticity feature of brain cells. The the Compensation – Activation® Protocol that we use indeed is in contrary to language acquisition and development methods adopted by current education methods.

The current education methods (Lovaas, ABA – Verbal Behavior, TEEACH, PECS, etc.) basically associate language acquisition with socialization, while our protocol, based on nativist theory, defines language as a natural feature of humans, likewise Noam Chomsky’s “Universal Grammar Theory”.

In other words, every human being is born with the knowledge of the basic grammar codes to speak a language. The children around 2-3 years old can almost instantly learn infinite number of sentences that they never learnt. For this reason, our protocol advocates that speaking at ages 0-4 should be identified immediately (in retardation), hypoxia (lack of oxygen), adenoid, septum deviation and other iron deficiency-related causes should be eliminated, speaking related brain regions should be activated and normal spontaneous speaking (not rote-learnt limited speaking or echolalia; repeating what is said) should be started. For activation; methods such as hemispheric synchronization, transcranial stimulation, neurofeedback, neurobiofeedback, acupuncture, craniosacral stimulation, reflex stimulation, neurohormonal balance program, iontophoretic neuroregulation and DAF / FAF programs are followed and all other known medical-based methods; heavy metal chelation, individual diet programs and supplement applications, oxygenation, neurohormone regulation are adjusted individually. Besides EEG and MRI, CT and PET (SPECT) scans are also used, if necessary, to detect personal conditions. Full thyroid panel, full blood count, heavy metal accumulation test and metabolic tests are carried out.

According to these assessments, cases classified under the autism spectrum are not similar, except for the basic symptoms and individually prepared protocols are essential. Our request from families is that, in the slightest doubt, (lack of eye contact, constant fever, delayed speech, excessive stubbornness, speechlessness) they assess the condition with this scale, avoiding educational tools like puzzles, etc. for the very first steps.

The license of the Compensation – Activation® Protocol, which forms the basis of language acquisition, in Turkey as well as in European countries (according to Madrid protocol) belongs to İLO International.
The applications are conducted by contracted institutions and experts. The Compensation – Activation® Protocol is supported by “Advanced Sensory Integration” and “Occupational Therapy”.